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Product Name SDTR
Series The Others
Product Description

DSP-SDTR :Shut Down Turn-over Relay

 ◆Socket-Pin Insatallation Type
 ◆Compact size, Complete Digital Type based on MCU 
 ◆ Just restart execution under instant power-off and voltage drop(Sag) 
 ◆ 3 Wire Easy Connection : not concerend with ON-OFF Switch Position 
 ◆ Possible to prest numerical operation time :3 Digit Window 
 ◆Shut down delay time/S-t
 ◆ Delay on make time/d-t 
 ◆ Specific Advantage
►Just one model charges its job wothout concerning with ON-OFF switch position
►Correct response for voltage drop, Zero Voltage →Neccessary minimum voltage duration time : 17ms or more



▸ Shut down delay time(SDDT):0(Instant)~10 sec 
▸ Delay on make time(DOMT):1~30/60 sec 
▸ trip output :1a,3A/Resistive 
▸ Application environment/temperature 
*Storage/ -30°C~80 °C 
▸ Time torrerence:±10% 
▸ Insulation/case-Circuit: 10MOhm or more,/500VDC 
▸ High voltage insulation:Case-Circuit/ 2KV,50/60Hz,1 min
▸ Contact-Contact:1KV,50/60Hz, 1 min 
▸ Control power: 85~260VAC,50/60Hz(120~370VDC) 
▸ Consuming power : 2VA/max 
▸ Installation: 35mm DIN Rail,Panel Mounting 

○ Critical Note:"ON" switch contact must be self-holding by auxiliary output of the contactor, This relay works when the time of 1 min has elapsed from the control power-ON("STP" is displayed to show normal operation is ready )


Specialized Point
 *One Model Solution : Possible to connect with a contactor not limited by the positioned point of ON-OFF button
 *When a commercial power is on again within 0(instant)~10 sec from power-off, this relay makes a motor to restart in the ordered schedule (1sec~60 sec)so that a power source transformer may not have an electrical starting shock 
 *If both preset for [SDDT:0] and [DODT:1sec] is done, this function is disable (One of both preset makes this function able)/This preset must be done under the control power is ON(LED:green),but not under operation state(LED:red)/The control power must be ON after OFF in order to preset this condition under the operation state 


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