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Product Name Needle Punching Machine
Model SHS-DUR 2400 ~ 3000
Series Non-woven Machine
Product Description

• Working Width : 2400~3000mm 
• Needle Beam Stroke / Max stroke frequency - 30mm / 1200 s/min
                                                             - 40mm / 1100 s/min
                                                             - 60mm /   900 s/min
• Needle per Liner meter : 2000, 3000, 4000, 4500, 5000

▶ Machine Structure
• The needle beam is divided into a upper piece and a lower piece. These pieces of needle beam connected to two upper and lower module boxes are designed to be operated up and down by separate driving motors. 
• In a narrow space, one machine can give high working capacity and efficiency which are equal to those of two units (DR type and UR type). 
• However, the machine may have a little vibration caused by two driving motors. 
• The machine is installed on the special vibroisolating rubber base to minimize the vibration of the machine. It is also easy to change the installation place of the machine. 


▶ Needle Board
• The needle board is made of special aluminum alloy steel and polyurethane, so that it is not deformed and its needle holes do not become loose after use for a long time. 


▶ Motors
• Two variable speed AC-inverter (or DC motor) with 30HP(22kw) are used as main motor. They may vary depending on work load. 
• A variable speed AC-inverter (or DC motor) with at least 1HP(0.75kw) is used as inlet and outlet motors. 
 SAMHWA MACHINERY Needle Punching Machine SHS-DUR 2400 ~ 3000