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Product Name High Speed Precision Press
Model SDH-KP, SDH-15KP, SDH-60KP, SDH-100KP
Series Accuracy Press
Product Description


  • 1500SPM high speed knuckle press
    - The structure design realized optimum balance
  • Stroke-variable type press
    - Stroke can be adjusted dependent on use or purpose
  • High degree of precision
    - Adopted bearing with high hardness and high degree of precision
    - Improved degree of precision by applying linear bearing on slide guide Decreased noise and extended mold life
  • Decreased noise and extended mold life
    - - Decreasing speed at molding section reduced noise and extended mold life
  • Improved degree of precision and reinforced frame hardness by double knuckle structure made of H-type casting frame
  • Minimized cumulative gap at slide driving part by applying hydraulic pressure screw type


SDH-KP Specification

model Item unit SDH-15 KP SDH-60 KP SDH-100 KP
Capacity Ton 15 60 100
Stroke mm 15~25 30 80 50
Stroke Per Minute S.P.M 300 ~ 100 ~ 90 ~ 50 ~
1500 350 120 100
Die Height mm 210 310 285 320
Slide Adjustment mm 20 50 50
Slide Area mm 340x300 520x310 850x550
Bolster Area mm 400x370 860x520 900x500
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