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Product Name SD PTZ
Model EZ554
Series SD Speed Dome Cameras
Product Description

•  Built-in Optical Power Zoom Camera.                       
•  240 Presets programmed with view direction, zoom, focus, and AE.                       
•  8 Tours consist of Preset, Pattern, Auto-Scan and other Tours can be programmed with
    over 63 functions and Preset location.  While moving, each Preset scan can be watched
    in smooth Diagonal Scan mode.                       
•  8 Auto Scans suports diagonal move with zoom and  the endless Auto-Pan
    with 8 speed steps.                       
•  4 Patterns (up to 240 second) .                       
•  16 Area Titles.                       
•  Variable speed from 0.1°/sec to 90°/sec.                       
    Turbo speed is Max 360°/sec when the TURBO key is pressed.                       
•  Optional 8 Alarm inputs with 0~8 priority / 2 Auxiliary outputs programmable                       
•  Preset Speed  Max 360°/sec                       
•  8 Privacy Zones: Video off or up to 8 masked blocks                       
•  Addressable up to 999 camera IDs (Extendable up to 3999 in special mode).                       
•  Built-in RS-485 receiver driver.                       
•  On-site firmware upgrade and upload/download of programmed data into the
    KBD or base on the PTZ Dome camera. ( Full function version only.)                        
•  Built-in power-line surge protection and lightning protection.                       
•  Optional Tinted Bubble, Indoor & Outdoor pendant housing with heater & blower, Indoor     
    Flush Mount, Parapet mount & Roof Top mount.                       
•  Adaptive tilt limit control according to the zoom ratio provides more useful picture.                       
•  Multi-Language up to 5. (TBD)                       
•  All function to be programmed and executed via menu

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