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Product Name MINI PTZ
Model EZ404
Series SD Speed Dome Cameras
Product Description

. 4" Flush mount dome.                             
. Eight Auto scans with programmable speeds and DiagonalScan.                             
. One 360º Continuous scan mode(Manual control of ZOOM and TILT)                              
. Eight Privacy zone mask(Block or video off)                             
. Four Pre-Programmable tours consist of 32 functions.                             
. Four Pattern record 120sec of user control and repeat.                             
. DiagonalScan supports near constant speed to zoom.                             
. Programmable individual dwell time.                             
. 18 Area title(16 digits of title)                             
. 128 Preset positions with ZOOM, FOCUS, BLC and 16 digits of title.                             
. 180º **DIGITAL FLIP                             
. 64 Steps variable speed supports 0.5~ 120º/sec of manual controls.                             
. 410º/sec Preset recall speed and Manual Turbo speed.                             
. Three user PREFERENCEs OF SPEED CURVES ( Slow, Medium, Fast)                             
. Up to 3999 Selectable ID. (Rotary switch and Menu selection)                             
. On-site software upgradable, Up-load/ Down-load programmed data
   into KBD/Dome                             
. Bult-in RS-485                              
. Built-in Fan/Heater & Weather proof(IP66).                             
. Built-in power line surge and lighting protection.                             
. Pull down user menu enables most of the functions in major protocols.                             
. Automatic sensing of major protocols.                             
. Optional Wall & Pendant mounting housing and Smoked bubble.

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