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Product Name Rotary Cylinder
Model PRC-H
Series Pneumatic Business Group
Product Description


■ Rotary Cylinder, which converts motion to combined rotary motion along with the characteristics of air and oil by connecting 2 pistons with chain and centering output shaft.

■ Smooth rotation even in low-speed with hydro check

■ Even in fine oil leakage, eliminated back lash in rotation unit by built-in check valve

■ Handling high movement with high load and highsolidity type structure

■ Equipped with external stopper tool that allows rotation unit to perform high-accuracy positioning

■ Wiring and piping enabled with hollow output shaft combined with other devices

■ Auto Switch for the detection of position can be attached

■ Applicable to Pick & Place for reversing work in FA assembly and feed line

PROTEC Rotary Cylinder PRC-H

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