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Product Name Dispensing System
Model FDS-5000DM
Series System Business Group
Product Description

FDS-5000DM Dispensing System 

ㆍHigh Speed Full automatic Dual Gantry dispensing system 
ㆍDual Linear X-Y Gantry system(Semi type) 
ㆍ2xDualflex® pump Dispensing System * refer to the below pump combination 
ㆍBoard Handling : 260mm x 100mm * other size are available 
ㆍ2-Stage Conveyor system 
ㆍ2-Stage Conveyor Heating system *optional 
ㆍFly vision system 
ㆍLaser Height sensor 
ㆍSubstrate Heating system 
ㆍLoader / Unloader*optional 
ㆍMachine Dimension : 1930mm x 1403mm x1500mm 
 PROTEC Dispensing System FDS-5000DM

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