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Product Name
Model MJ642
Series Rotary Joint
Product Description

MULTIS HYDRO MJ642 Series is specially designed to supply hydraulic oil for heavy equipment such as rotary cylinder and table of Un-Coiler and De-Coiler. MJ600 Series is non-packing type and guarantee safety operation without unexpected situation due to damage of the packing. Also, it has high performance under high pressure and high speed.

It is designed by high technology to realize both of sealing and lubrication. Parts, which are manufactured by superprecision machine, minimize leakage and guarantee long service life by selection of special material. 

* We have many provision experience of
  ROTARY JOINT for hydraulic system, contact our engineering dept.


Standard Size -
Fluid Mineral Oil
Max. Pressure 210 kgf/cm²
Max. Temperature 120 °C
Max. Rotating Speed 200 RPM