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Product Name
Model MJ130
Series Rotary Joint
Product Description

These MJ100 Series can be used for high speed air clutch and oil pressure pulley. With stainless steel body, these have compact, light and solid structure. The Surface is treated to prevent corrosion by water, and the seal material inside is consisted of pure alumina ceramic and carbon graphite of highquality. So MJ100 can have high performance even under high-speed. The seal face, micro lapped to have a perfect optical flatess, the floating seal ring fixed by solid key, and the viton o-ring which are good at high temperature and anti-chemical materials can prevent the rotary joints from abnormal leaking. Standard sizes are from 6A to 50A 


Standard Size -
Fluid Air, Gas, Water etc.
Max. Pressure 10 kgf/cm²
Max. Temperature 120 ˚C
Max. Rotating Speed 8A~25A : 1,500 RPM
32A~50A : 1,000 RPM