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Product Name Compact​ Sitzbath
Model MJ-1000
Series Compact Sitzbath
Catalog Catalog-MIJIN KOREA-Compact​ Sitzbath-MJ-1000
Product Description

Compact​ Sitzbath (MJ-1000)

- Home & Postpartum care center–use

- You can enjoy sitzbathing everywhere conveniently, with compact type sitzbath providing automatic water bubbling massage

- Obtained KFDA`s certificate of Manufacturing Permit & KIPO`s certificate of Design Registration​


Model name MJ-1000
Brand/Producer/Seller Mijinkorea corp.​
Manufacturing Country ​Republic of Korea​
Price & other conditions ​Contact us​​



You can enjoy Sitz bathing everywhere conveniently with compact type Sitz bath(MJ-1000) providing automatic water bubbling massage​

Feature & Advantages​

- MJ-1000 employs the same bubble generator as hospital-use sitzbath (MJ-3000), so that you can expect the same effect of cleaning and massages by bubbles at home as in a hospital.

- The air bubble generator is used in a dedicated plastic bag and hung on door handles or towel racks, so there is no risk of damage or flooding due to drop.

- Check valve mechanism is a solution for breakdown and short-circuit caused by water`s returning into the air-bubble generator.

- The basin is designed very enough comfortable to sit for a long time. And its rubber feet are to ensure slip-proof and cushion, makes you feel secured and comfortable when using on toilet bowl.




Consist of


Warm Water Supply​ 

 ​By user​ 


Sitzbath Basin​ 

 1 EA​ 


 Warm Water Usage​

 ​Max. 2 Liter​ 


Air-Bubble Generator​ 

 1 EA​ 


 Air Pressured Bubble​



Check Valve​ 

 1 EA​ 



 ​1.3 kg​ 


Air Hose​ 

 1.5 M​ 



 220V/ 5W​​ 


Zipper Bag 

 1 EA​ 





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