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Product Name Ultra Mega Series
Model Mega-Series
Series Water Purification Systems
Product Description

Possible to be supplied as water for various testing instruments.
To display filter change times in text, alarm, and voice.
A 0.2µm Final Filter for final purification is mounted.
CE certification (No. K3706/E11)
Registration of design patent (No. 30-0645317)
To display warning and filter change messages when water purity gets low.
The cartridge adopts a valve pack system for quick release.
A compact design minimizes space for installation.
To obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification. (No.: DQ-100741)
IQ/OQ/MQ validation services are available. (Optional)

ModelsMega 15Mega 35Mega 50Mega 70Mega 100Mega 150Mega 200
Display on the monitorPurity of ultrapure water 0~18.2MΩ.cm
Operating systemMicroprocess one touch technology
LCD monitor16 X 2 Line Blue backlight LCD digital display
Self-testingTo perform the system automatically when the machine is set in operation
Function keysUW purity remain(%), Buzzer off
Machine protectionTo bring the machine to an automatic stop when water supply is shut off
Check key displayTo set off alarm when the purity of the filter pack falls below a threshold
Filter changeTo display How to change filter in the monitor when the purity falls below the threshold during use.
Filter change displayTo light the LED lamp, display a message on the monitor, and send an alarm when the purity of the water falls below 10MΩ.cm
Water inflow conditionsDynamic poressure of the inflowing water 1~3Kgf/cm2, Temperature 4~35 °C
External dimenstions580x620x1320
Power supply230Vac, 50/60Hz, 1.5KW

DescriptionASTMCAPNCCLSUltra Mega EDI
Bacteria (cfu/mL)010 10104 10103 < 1
SiO2(Silica)(mg/L Max.)00100.
Total organic carbon(ppb)5  5  5  < 5
Particles(Particulates)(EA/CC<0.2µm Max.)000< 1


Reference : America Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM), College of American Pathologists(CAP) and National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards(NCCLS)

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