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Product Name HDMI Matrix Router
Model IHX-44GEN
Series Modular Matrix Router & Matrix Router
Product Description


IHX-44GEN HDMI matrix distributes(switching) high-definition digital image from input equipment to output display equipment.
It is user-configurable matrix switching and routing of HDMI inputs and outputs.

-. Easy and convenient operator system.
-. Remote control via RS-232C, Ethernet (TCP/IP)
-. Supports Various resolution
-. Supports HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.2
-. Integrated video and audio signal
-. 19" Stendard RACK TYPE CASE (1U)
-. No delay when transiton diplay
-. System expansion with two of IHX-44Gen
-. Data Rate : 1.65Gbps
-. KC Certification : MSIP-REM-BLX-IHX-44G



 VGA(640X480) ~ WUXGA(1920X1200), HDTV(480i~1080i/p)




 HDMI 19Pin Female x 4Ch


 HDMI 19Pin Female x 4Ch


 AC 110-240V/1.5A, 50/60Hz, DC12V/5A 


 482 x 230 x 44




 -10°C~60°C / Humidity 80%



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