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Product Name 3D Balance Trainer
Model 3DBT-12
Series Medical Equipment
Product Description


- Patient who needs rehabilitation 


- It is a rehabilitation training device that improves physical condition by performing horizontal center of gravity movement and vertical bending training for underarm rehabilitation patients. It measures the difference of the left and right load, measures the degree of bending of the knee and evaluates the body balance of the patient. The state of improvement of the body can be grasped.

 All training is made up of games that can increase the effectiveness of the treatment because the patient is fun and active. 3DBT-12 model is a 3DBT-2 model, which is a combination of horizontal movement of the center of gravity and bending of the knee. It is a game in which a serious patient can do horizontal movement of the center of gravity without bending the knee, It is an improved product with added game function. .


- Max weight : 140kg
- Joint motion angle : -70 ~ +70
- Monitor : Touch screen [All in one PC] 
- Electricity : AC 220V 
- Frequency : 50~60Hz 
- Adapter : AC 220V in / DC 12V out 
- Dimension : (W) 1,350mm * (D) 850mm * (H) 2,000mm (±10%)


3D Balance Training Contents [3DBT-12] 

- Through various training contents, patients can enjoy training.

Man & Tel 3D Balance Trainer 3DBT-12

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