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Product Name Emergency Switchboard
Series Switchboard Division for Marine
Product Description

Emergency Switchboard

Supply power to important loads in case the main power source is inoperable due to system accidents in the main switchboard.

Usually composed of 1 power supply board and 2load-dispatch boards, and can supply additional emergency group cubicle if requested by customers, Can be used for the harbor use.

1. Generally it is protected from the system paragraph accident, it is comprising the Interlock System.

2. Customer upon request main switchboard generator and parallel driving i possible, it can become design and manufacture.

3. The enclosure size of the emergency distributing board is determined according to number of feeder and feeder capacity.

4. If reverse order to facilitate the maintenance is to the rear of a half and half torok accessible.

Rating and Technical Specification

TypeTotally-enclosed, dead-front, Floor standing multi-cubicle
Rated Voltage500V AC (up to 690V AC, Option)
Rated Current9000A MAX(withstand current:300kA,Asym.Peak)
Rated Frequency50/60Hz


Frame WorkFormed sheet steel or substantial box-frame
AccessFront and rear (Front only, Option)
Protection degreeIP22(IP23,Option)
HandrailFront and rear
Power line inletBottom or upper part of rear (top part,option)

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