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Product Name Data Center
Series Telecommunication
Product Description

S Cable & System provides solutions that satisfy the main trends in data centers, such as high performance, high density, and easy & secure cabling.
LS Fast-Net TM copper pre-terminated 10G solutions, and fiber pre-terminated 40G, 100G solutions provide high performance, high integration and easy plug & play routing. Performance tests for all products are available prior to supply. Furthermore, we provide optimized IT solutions for data centers within a short time frame.


Types and purposes

• Corporate/ISP Data Centers
  - Category 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 7A cable and wire materials
  - Fiber Optic MM 10G, SM cable and wire materials
  - Multi Connection Copper/Fiber Pre-terminated package
  - Intelligent cabling management system (I2MS)



We provide high-integration/low-attenuation solutions for stable handling of 40G/100G traffic.
  - 70m 10G channel performance
  - 100W PoE transmission
  - 10/40/100G based traffic handling infrastructure
  - 1U 144 core high-integration fiber enclosure


Main functions

MDA/HAD/EDA (Voice/Data/Video) connection within the data center

Products of Ls Cable & System