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Product Name Home Appliances Cables
Series Industrial Cable
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Product Description

Home appliance cables are used to connect various electric components within a device. To meet global eco-friendly standards established in 2004, we have eliminated the use of all six prohibited materials as determined by European environmental regulations.


Types and purposes

• Purposes
  - Secondary distribution: Connects the power supply within the device to the circuit board
  - Motor lead: Connects the power supply equipment within the device to the motor
  - High-voltage circuit distribution: Connects the high voltage equipment within the device
  - Display signal: Connects the display panel to the circuit board

• Types
  - Lead-free wire: Used for secondary distribution and as a motor lead within the device. It is an eco-friendly product containing none of the six RoHS prohibited materials.
  - Irradiation cables: A process whereby the protective polymer insulator is subject to electron beams to induce a cross-link reaction that enhances mechanical, electrical, heat-resistant and fire-retardant properties.
  - Halogen-free wire: An eco-friendly product containing none of the six RoHS prohibited materials, nor toxic halogen elements (Cl, F, I, Br, At).
  - Flexible LCD wire: Used for supplying power to the Back Light Unit on an LCD TV and monitor panels.
  - Fluoropolymer wire: A compact product that uses fluoride resins for high heat-resistance, mechanical properties and chemical resistance.


Product classification according to UL type

UL STYLE No. Insulating material No. of cores Affected  products
1000~1999 Thermoplasticity Single Heat resistant vinyl cables, fluoroplastic cables
2000~2999 Thermoplasticity Multiple Multiple core signal cables
3000~3999 Thermosetting Single Irradiation vinyl cables, irradiation vinyl cables
4000~4999 Thermosetting Multiple Multiple core irradiation

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