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Product Name Large-Sized High Precision Four Post Screen Printing Machine
Series Screen Printing Equipments
Product Description


• Fixed type of the screen has the advantage in the high-precision printing.
• Controlling survomotor during the upper/lower operation of frame and operation of squeezy.
• Maintaining evenness of the working table by using aluminum alloy honeycom.
• Controlling survomotor for plate raising and printing gap.
• Minimizing noise and vibration with two-step controlling during the table’s front/rear movement.
• Setting speed, gap and printing range distance data with touch panel.
• Data standardization available.
• Even a non-experienced worker can operate the machine by the data standardization.
• Decrease of defect rate by maintenance of data.





Max.Printing Size

1200 × 800mm

Min.Printing Size

500 × 300mm

Printing Table Size

1500 × 1000mm

Printing Speed


Max.Screen Frame Size(outer)

2000 × 1300mm

Min.Screen Frame Size(outer)

900 × 500mm

Squeegee Moving Range Adjustment

0 ~ 20mm

Screen Frame Distance Driving

Servo Motor(Digital Setting)

Peel Off Adjustment

0 ~ 30mm

Squeegee Speed

0.1 ~ 0.8m/sec

Squeegee Angle

60° ~ 90°

Squeegee Bias

Table Driving

Servo Motor

Squeegee Unit Driving

Servo Motor(Digital Setting)

Air Source

6kgf/㎠, 20ℓ/min


220V × 3ph × 2kW



Dimension(W × D × H)

2630 × 2200 × 1465mm

* Special specification is made to order.
* Appearance and specifications in this homepage are subject to change without notice.

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