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Product Name Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Solar Cell
Model LSP-110130FVSL
Series Screen Printing Equipments
Product Description


• FULLY AUTOMATIC SCREEN PRINTING M/C for solar cell(Thin film or dye-sensitized).
• High-Precision printer with a vision alignment system.
• Automaitc screen mask cleaning device(Bottom side).
• Squeegee & Scraper pressure adjustment by servo motor.
• Squeegee balance adjustment system.
• Setting speed, gap and printing range distance data with touch panel. 
• Data standardization available. 
• Even a non-experienced worker can operate the machine by the data standardization. 
• Decrease of defect rate by maintenance of data.





Printing Size

1100 × 1300mm

Screen Frame Size(outer)

2400 × 2500mm

Squeegee Pressure Adjustment

Servo Motor

Bottom Cleaning

Servo Motor

Position Alignment

CCD Camera (4 point)

Vision Alignment Accuracy


Dimension(W × D × H)

5535 × 3400 × 2200mm

* Special specification is made to order.
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