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The tomorrow of LINESYSTEM becomes the future of the world.

LINESYSTEM always has helped and will help for the developed changes increasing the value of screen printing facility industrial area with the love of cosmopolitans under the value, ‘Rasing of World Top Brand’ which is recognized by technology and loved by quality.

LINESYSTEM Co.,Ltd. established in Oct. 1999 produces screen printing facilities professionally and is in the leading position of same industrial world by repeating developments continuously through the professionalism and challenging spirit for the future in spite of the sudden change of economy.

LINESYSTEM Co.,Ltd. establishes stable and firm domestic management foundation by collecting the mind of all employees based on the accumulated technologies and confidence and attacks the unlimited world market for the screen printing facility industry which becomes complicated and multi-functional.

Therefore, we always help for developed changes increasing the value of screen Printing facility industry and will help for it.

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