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The company like the Light and Salt of the World, SALT Co., Ltd.

Having the will of “A reliable company, creative company, outreach company and challenging company”, SALT Co., Ltd. has taken efforts for providing solutions suited to extensive tests supporting customers’ decision-making process by coming up to customers’ test requirement based on more than 15 years of experience it has accumulated in the field of tests of various materials and industrial part.

Since its establishment, our company has been developed by showing new models on a continual basis through advanced technology and accurate standards by researching and developing equipment related to various material property tests. In addition, our company is also taking efforts continuously for globalization of domestic technologies through technical tie-up and cooperation under the stream of globalization, realizing standardization of products for quality improvement and mass production.

With belief and will to challenge the world’s best technology, SALT promises to do its best for becoming a company than researches and strives for product development at all times.

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