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Kyung Chang Precision has been around for 30 years. Kyung Chang is specializing in manufacturing food processing machines with knowhow in molding machine manufacturing technology. For close to half a century, we have been producing food machines only, developed machines necessary for various types of businesses, and contributed a great deal to the development of the food industry. 

While manufacturing confectionery and bakery machines, rice cake machines, mandu machines, riceball machines, hot bar machines, and many others, we have taken the lead in automation of food processing machines and production lines. 

We will continue to take the initiative in research and development to become a world-class company. Every year we introduce new products at the COEX Food Exhibition to domestic and foreign buyers, and get good reviews.

Believing that we must aim at perfection with every product we make, we are going to try our level best to make you proud of your decision to use Kyung Chang machines. 

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