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KOSMO does not stop at night.

You can find the light that brightens the night, breaking the silence, and the dreaming people who are too excited to go to sleep with passion for building models.

Always awake, KOSMO dreams.

KOSMO dreams of hope that you can dream without having to go to sleep.

Hauling creativity and intelligence in the 21st Century, we have accumulated technology for 20 years to fabricate display models for various vessels, airplanes, architectural structures, operating systems, and test models. We have contributed to the development of education and exhibition models through visual effect andunderstanding of actual operation mechanisms.

We have done our best to build every single model to fit the requirements of designers with creativity and experiment. Our motto is “building artistic models” for further development.

We will continue to produce prototypes for the development of engineering technology and develop the ideas of various industries with actual mock-ups to contribute to the possibility of representation and theoretical studies. Currently, we are providing technical support to leading national & corporate research centers, colleges, andcompanies in Korea.

With the fast development of technology, we hope to serve as a private research center that can provide research services to small/mid-sized companies and be able to contribute to the development of engineering technology in Korea.

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