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Product Name Gas Valve Unit (GVU)
Model KEG-GVU2000
Series Engine Valve
Product Description

NAME Gas Valve Unit
Rating & Size(in/out/vent) Class 150, 2”/2”/1”
Design Pressure 16 Bar
Fluid Methane and Nitrogen
Service Temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
Design Flow 300kg/h (methane)
Pressure Control 0.5 ~ 10 Bar
Leakage No Leakage
Main Connection 150# 2” x 150# 2”
Protection Degree(IEC 60529) IP65
Pressure Transmitter Signal 4~20mA, 10~30VDC, 0~16Bar
Temperature Sensor RTC, 3 wire, PT100
Flow meter 24VDC
Solenoid Valve 24VDC, 8.1Watt
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