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Product Name Thermocouple, RTD (Tokyo Okazaki Products)
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Product Description

▶ Flow Elements of Differential Pressure Method

Among thermometers of practical use, thermocouples are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications in particu-lar, ranging from extremely low to extremely high tempera-tures. We manufacture the thermocouple temperature sensors in according with the customers' needs. Some are of the weather-proof type intended for general industrial pur-pose. Others are of the explosion-proof type used in hazard-ous explosive areas. In applications where higher accuracy is required, RTD is suitable.

As in the case of thermocouples, various kinds of RTD tem-perature sensors are available at Tokyo Okazaki, including, of course, both weather-proof type for general industries and explosion-proof type for hazardous locations.

- Thermocouple with thermowell

- RTD with thermowell

- Sheath thermocouple for extremely high press.

- Sheath RTD

- Thermocouple for special use

- Sheath RTD for low temp. tank

▶ Temperature Sensor Accessories

A variety of accessories are available for thermocouple and RTD sensors.

- Thermowell

- Compression fitting

- Lead wire

- Junction Box, Connector

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