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Product Name Combination Pallet
Series Logistics - Pallet
Product Description


ㆍSimple and Easy assembly and disassembly.

ㆍFolded mode offers reduction to 1/10 of its original size when storing empty pallets.

ㆍOne-touch design lock lever and spring lock device offers easy operation.

ㆍ100% compatibility with steel, plastic, wood pallet.

ㆍExcellent durability and lightweight, as well as for economic design.

ㆍDoors located at front and rear for easy and effective operation.

ㆍCapable of multi-stage loading and offers excellent safety.

ㆍCapable of storing agricultural and fishery product with installation of danpla (corrugated plastic sheet) inside.



ㆍPatent pending


Purchase Inquiry

ㆍContact Korea Corp main office



ㆍKorea Corp service/repair center available.

ㆍAvailable free/paid repair service.

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