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Product Name Scrap Grab
Model SSA series, SSb series
Series Grab
Product Description

코막중공업 - 홈페이지에 오신걸 환영합니다.

- Design for minimum height can load or unload objects to high place.
- Main frames are made by HARDOX for longer life time.
- Teeth are replaceable.
- It can be loading or unloading much scrap iron and waste paper.
- Hydraulic free rotation (option)
- Protection device of cylinder rod
- Change bushing
- Pipe Setting Pressure : Close Pressure : 250kg/cm2 / Open Pressure : 250kg/cm2
- Rotator Pressure : 100 ~ 140kg/cm2
- Motor Drain Pipe Setting : Setting : R.P. 140kg/cm2 / Non-Setting : R.P. 100kg/cm2

KOMAC Scrap Grab SSA series, SSb series

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