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Product Name AP Apron Conveyor (Horizontal + Vertical)
Series Bulk System
Product Description

▶ AP Apron Conveyor (Horizontal + Vertical)

AP apron conveyor is a conveyor especially appropriate for transporting objects at high temperature such as cement clinker.


→ It transports diverse individual objects. 
→ It is appropriate for returning objects at high temperature and with wear resistance.

 Standard type

→ APN type: for smooth slope (0~25˚) 
→ APS type: for mid to long length, gentle slope (0~30˚) 
→ APB type: for rapid slope (0~60˚) and powder

 Standard type

→ APN : APN400(Apron width 400mm) ~ APN800 
→ APS : APN600(Apron width 600mm) ~ APS014 
→ APB : APN600(Apron width 600mm) ~ APB014 

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