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Product Name BFV Flightveyor (Horizontal + Vertical)
Series Bulk System
Product Description

▶ BFV Flightveyor (Horizontal + Vertical)


    BFV flightveyor is a conveyor developed to return objects with high abrasion in“fluid status including silica”.

    This is a unique conveyor that reasonably combined the transport principles of flight conveyor and bucket elevator and exhibits excellent wear resistance. 



→ Casing can be used for long time. 
→ It boasts maximum efficiency of maximum effect. 
→ There is no leakage of dust. 
→ Free injection and discharge

 Standard type 

BFV200(Bucket width 200mm) ~ BFV600

 Transport capacity

 1.6㎥/h(BFV200 S=5m/min.) ~ 8.6㎥/h(BFV600 S=5m/min.)

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