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KIM is a professional production company which is specialized in precision gear and actuator system reserved the latest technology and processing equipment. since May 18, 1990 established KIM company, It has been running a constant research and development, innovation activities.

KIM has continued to grow a world-class company by leap and develop precision motion control parts(gear, ball screw, roller screw), driving device(hi-speed gearbox, air actuator) as like machinery industry core foundation in the spirit of the pioneer who float sail on the ocean.

We regard this is our mission as continued investment and the development of new technology. and today, we are constantly challenged to stay ahead in the new environment of global competition and changing market.

Externally it is striving to social contribution projects for the implementation of corporate social responsibility, and internally has continued to invest in the welfare and upbringing of human resources development organization.

KIM will create a dedicated, innovative, differentiated unique value so that can become more convenient, more secure and happier with mankind and customers.

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