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Product Name 기밀형 Rotary Valve (High Pressure Purge Type)
Model JIRV-HPG Series
Series Transfer System
Product Description

- Completely airtight using dual airtight structure (air chamber); even if a leak occurs due to damage to components on the inside, second airtight structure prevents dispersion of dust until maintenance or servicing is performed
- Double airtight structure through Gland-Packing and Lip-Seal; lubricant oil also helps to maintain airtightness for a complete seal
- Lubricating effect reduces fundamentally by airtight structure
- Leaks prevented fundamentally by airtight structure comprising dual air chambers, Lip-Seal and lubricant oil

- Pressure acts from inside the tank to outside (positive pressure)
- Wear of Gland-Packing causes frequent leaks of dust, making maintenance and servicing difficult
- Replacing equipment where wear dust causes wear of Rotor And Shaft, shortening the life

Examples of Applications