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Product Name Rotary Valve
Model JIRV-Series, JIRV-100, JIRV-150, JIRV-200, JIRV-250, JIRV-300, JIRV-350, JIRV-400, JIRV-450, JIRV-500, JIRV-600, JIRV-260x460, JIRV-200x350
Series Transfer System
Product Description

- Superb airtightness: It realizes the minimal tolerances, so it can block even fine dust.
- Excellent durability: It can maintain noise and vibration minimally by permanent cast iron body and precision machining, so it reduces maintenance costs dramatically.
- Various size: It meets the order spec of customers
- Various materials: Applicable to cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel
- Applications: Bag Filter, Cyclone, Separator, Bin Tank, Hopper, Etc

Check Points for the Order
- property of matter of powder and solid (specific gravity, particle size, abrasiveness, temperature, viscosity)
- Treatment amount (ton/hr, ㎥/hr) pressure difference between the top and bottom of Rotary Valve
- Material : Cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel.
- Electricity and decelerator (indoor, outdoor, standard type, explosion-proof type)
- Accessory (motor, chain, sprocket, chain cover, sensor & bracket)

Special Rotary valve