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Product Name Shear (Straight Cutter)
Model JKMS Series
Series Attachment
Product Description

- Minimized the change of Center of Gravity in operation through  mprovement of Body Structure, Upgraded Shear

   Force by the Dynamic Modification of Arm, finally reach to “Best-in-class Levels”.  
 - Extended Lifetime by reinforcing with Resistant Steel in the front of Cutter.

 - Improved Body of Cutter to solve the opening of Body in operation.

 - No Gap between Body and Arm in operation. (obtained Patent)

 - Improved and Reinforced the Areas which Deformation or Abrasion  can be happened. JK TECHNOLOGY Shear (Straight Cutter) JKMS Series

JK TECHNOLOGY Shear (Straight Cutter) JKMS Series 1