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Product Name
Model JCP-1100
Series Water Purifier
Product Description

색상 | White / Black

슬림한 디자인과 전면의 푸른 LED라이팅으로 고급스러운 이미지 연출 전면의 고급 스틸재질은 세련되고 현대적인 느낌을 더욱 높임 어린이의 온수로 인한 화상을 방지하기 위해 온수 안전버튼을 사용



Modern Design

Slim style Water Purifier can use of the extra space. The deco with advanced materials appeared sophisticated design.

Environment friendly! Human being first!
Trying for natural fresh water! It’s just objective of Jintec. We are always beside you.

Jintec is manufacturer of Water Purifier, Water Dispenser and Air Cleaner. Jintec is always try to be Environment Friendly company with the mind of human being and nature first.

Front LED lighting
The slim design and front blue lighting is appealed exclusive product image.

The materials is feeling of exclusivity
The exclusive steel materials of the front is enhanced stylish and contemporary feeling.

Simple and modern body line
Excellent use of space because of the slim size and elegant design are compelling.

Safety hot button
The safety button prevent accident of burn by hot water.

전면 LED 라이팅

슬림한 디자인과 전면의 푸른 LED라이팅으로 고급스러운 이미지 연출

고급스러운 느낌의 재질

전면의 고급 스틸재질은 세련되고 현대적인 느낌을 더욱 높임

온수 안전 버튼

어린이의 온수로 인한 화상을 방지하기 위해 온수 안전버튼을 사용



Hot & Cold Water purifier

Front LED Lamp Indicator

Superior & Elegance Design 

Front Panel made by Metal

Push faucet applied

LG compressor applied

Stainless tanks applied

Double overflow safety device applied

OEM unit(LOGO changeable)

Color : White  /   Black

Model : Hot & Cold Water purifier

System : Ultra Filtration

1st Sediment

2nd Pre Carbon

3rd UF Membrane 

4th Post Carbon

Booster pump : not available

Cold tank capacity : 3.4 ℓ

Hot tank capacity : 1.2 ℓ

Cooling capacity : 4°C ~ 10°C

Heating capacity : 83°C ~ 92°C

Cooling power consumption : 80 W

Heating power consumption : 300 W

Poduct dimentional size : 280x 410 x 480

Packing dimentional size : 326×457×530

NET Weight : 16kg

GROSS Weight : 18kg

20ft container loading quantity : 340units

40ft container loading quantity : 720units

40ft high cube container : 720units

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