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Everdigm began its business operation as the sales division of used construction equipment of Daewoo Heavy Industries. Ten extended its business through the development of Attachment, Concrete Pump, Tower Crane, and began producing Fire Engines with the accumulated knowledge from its broad product portfolio.

Since then, through our continuous efforts in research and development, we have successfully expanded our business in the mining industry with the Rock Drill, Furthermore, with our Generator Set and Rock Tool, we are moving towards completing the business portfolio in the construction machinery industry.

Since changing the company name to Everdigm (Everlasting Paradigm) from Hanwoo T&C in 2007, we have established overseas offices in China (Shanghai), UAE(Dubai), Mongolia, and Europe and built the global network through over 120 overseas dealers in 80 countries. Moreover, since opening of our R&D Center in 2011, we are committed in continuous research and development to extend the product life cycle, strengthening the product durability, and increase customer convenience.

In the fast-paced competitve market, Everdigm will provide high customer satisfaction level through fast and responsive product services, introducing high-quality sales management system, and differentiated marketing strategy.

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