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Product Name JUVINA™
Series Medical Products
Product Description




Superior Safety

˚ JUVINA contains Hyaluronic Acid which is registered by FDA and CE.
˚ Made of highly pure HA and Cross Linking Technology
˚ High purity (Endotoxin < 0.1EU/ml) and biodegradable
˚ KOSDAQ-listed company with 10+ years of manufacturing experience in medical aesthetic solutions
˚ Reliable product made from experts with 5+ years of experience in filler business


Long Lasting Effect

˚ JUVINA’s cross linking process chemically binds the individual chains of the acid so that it turns into a gel which lasts much longer after injection into the facial tissue.
˚ High Viscosity : JUVINA’s high viscosity has a low risk of shape deformation after injection.
˚ High Elasticity : JUVINA lasts longer than other fillers because of it’s high elasticity.


Wide Selection

˚ JUVINA fillers come in 6 different models depending on the treatment purpose and skin area, thus providing both doctors and patients with a wide selection range for utmost satisfaction.
˚ JUVINA Comfort contains lidocaine to reduce pain during operation.


Customer Satisfaction

˚ JUVINA meets our customers’ satisfaction by providing a smooth injection that makes it comfortable to both the practitioner and patient.
˚ JUVINA is a monophasic type filler which provides a harmonized volume and natural look.


Smooth Injection

˚ JUVINA’s UTW (Ultra Thin Wall) Needle is made of a larger inner diameter to reduce the injecting pressure for easy and smooth injection.

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