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Product Name Power grass cutting machine
Model HTI-R950Ⅱ
Series Agricultural Machinery
Product Description


- Simultaneous opening of seat and engine cover facilitates inspection, cleaning, and care.
- Movable sliding seat (to right, three steps, up to 30cm) prevents injury of workers on their faces and enables workers to approach very close to fruit tree stems. (※ this feature cannot be found in products of competitors)
- Installation of dust discharging fan at the cutter blade pulley facilitates discharge of grass and prevents grass from remaining inside.
- Self washing device enables perfect cleaning of rotating part of blades using the tap water hose.
- 3-step design of startup safety switch securing maximized safety
- Opening the cutter blades cover from either side facilitates replacement, washing, and inspection of grass cutter blades.
- Installation of gas spring helps adjust the height of the weeding unit.
- Rubber cover attached on the front wheels prevents inflow of foreign substances and greatly enhances life span of axle bearing.
- Thickness of tires is reinforced by more than double, drastically reducing the possibility of puncture



HANSUNG T&I Power grass cutting machine HTI-R950Ⅱ

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