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Product Name High place operation car for agriculture
Model HTI-GTM320
Series Agricultural Machinery
Product Description


- Boom-type product with minimized noise during operation, providing the best comfort
- One-seater vehicle facilitating prompt setting of working location (in the up, down, left, and right directions)
- The longest caterpillar among the same-segment products and the largest air width design considerably enhance safety.
- Default installation of an audio player enables workers to listen to radio or music through CD playing during work.
- Joystick for driving and workbench operation enables easy operation and manipulation.
- Boom with 360° turning available design enables prompt setting of working location.
- The workbench leveling correction feature enables safe working on lateral slope of 10° or less.
- Control and operation switches and levers are concentrated on the control panel, providing excellent operational convenience.



HANSUNG T&I High place operation car for agriculture HTI-GTM320

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