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HANSUNG GT is a company established in 1984, producing a range of Covers for the protection of machines, and key components based on world-class technology and our accrued experience. We are not only contributing to the development of South Korea’s machine tools and parts industry by supplying excellent performance and quality goods to South Korean leading companies; but also from exported to Japanese machine tools and parts industry since 2007 and expanded export regions such as China and the U.S., which is becoming a well-known company domestically and internationally as the one of the top Cover manufacturing company.

Additionally, we provide high-quality goods that meet customer needs as we have Sealing System and Tooling system related to various fields such as industrial machines, defense industry, automobile, hydraulic & pneumatic, etc. We would like to thank our customers for constant interest and support, and we will promise you that we will continuously strive to be a leading company in the machine tool and parts manufacturing industry through endless research and development.

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Phone +82-31-428-8200
Fax +82-31-455-1818
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Company Address 39, Gunpocheomdansaneop 1-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea