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This magnetic pulley is installed with magnet inside the head pulley to separate magnetic materials of raw materials, while transferring from a conveyor to a belt. The pulley is designed in the same way as general head pulleys for easy installation. Pulleys can be manufactured in an electromagnet type or a permanent magnet type.



The permanent magnet installed inside a drum removes pieces of iron buried in raw materials transferred via a conveyor. A variety of magnet force can be designed by using ferrite magnets or rare-earth magnets depending on raw material conditions.

Hankook Matics Magnetic Pulley


Electromagnetic Pulley is applied copper coil electromagnet to generate very strong magnetic field to entire surface of pulley. Compared with a permanent type, Both large and small tramp metal can be removed at high burden depth with much deeper absorption power. 
Hankook Matics’s Electromagnetic Pulley is highly recommended to use for very difficult ferrous metal separation with other magnetic separators such as fast conveyor speed, high burden depth, and high-capacity. There are various size and options according to customer’s demands and site conditions.

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