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Product Name Ultrasound Therapy
Model HS-501
Series Products
Product Description

HS-502 uses 1Mhz of ultrasonic waves as treatment frequency for relieving pain. It applies constant supersonic waves to the treatment part, providing the maximum effect for treatment with crystal vibrator. Also, it is very easy to operate and control the equipement and it provides various pu;se modes.

▶  Specifications
 Power Supply : AC 220V, 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption : 75VA
 Output Power : 0.1~1.5W/
 Frequency : 1Mhz
 Effective Radiated Area :
 Timer : 1~30min (adjustable by 1min)
 Output Mode : 5,10, 30, continuous
 Dimension : 250 × 280 × 110(H)mm
 Weight : 5Kg

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