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Product Name Centork Linear Pneumatic Actuators
Series Pneumatic Actuators
Product Description

The linear pneumatic actuators have been designed to drive all kind of industrial valves: liner, gate, globe, diaphragm, as well as quarter turn ones (using an articulated mounting in the linear actuator): butterfly, ball, plug, dampers, etc.


• They can be of the on/off or modulating type, of single or double acting.
• The standard service temperature goes from-10°C to + 70°C. 
• Thrust goes from 75 kg to 7.200 kg (these temperature and thrust vlues can be higher on request).
• The basic range is based on pneumatic cylinders designed for medium-heavy duty work, according to the ISO 6431 Standard.
• Cylinders come with a magnetic piston (optional).
• The basic manufacture materials withstand corrosion.
• The actuator control, in its on/off version, can be pneumatic or electrical, single or double, pilot, depending on the installation requirements. The actuator control in its modulating version, can be pneumatic (3-15 psi or 0,2-1 bar) or electrical (4-20 mA, 0-10V).
• The valve that controls the actuator movements is incorporated on the pneumatic cylinder forming an integrated and compact unit.
• On demand it can also be supplied with:
 - Complementary control elements to adapt its performance to the demands of each application (position sensing, security circuit, flow regulators, etc.).
 - The required control to adapt its performance to the specific needs of each case.


Goldline Tech Centork Linear Pneumatic Actuators

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