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Product Name 4-Channel Digital Controller
Model GMS1500
Series Gas Detector
Catalog GMS-1500 Manual.pdf
Product Description

GMS-1500 is four channel digital controller which can be connected to four (4) gas detectors. Receiving analogue continuous signal from four (4) detectors and converting it into digital signal, GMS-1500 provides various alarming and monitoring environment by micro-processor.

Also, GMS-1500 converts digital signal into the 4-20㎃ standard current signal for output signal which can be transmitted to various external devices such as PLC, DDC, RECODER, and so on. Using these functions, you can easily construct the gas monitoring system more extensive as well as more comprehensive.

[ Features ]
ㆍ Built-in microprocessor can provide various and accurate functions.  
ㆍ Built-in HD(high dissolution) A/D converter accurately transmits the signal.  
ㆍ Compact & simple design enables easy installation. 
ㆍ High/Low two step alarming contact realizes interlocking of various external devices such as fan and so on.  
ㆍ 4 - 20㎃ output signal enables long distance(2.5km) signal transmission.  
ㆍ Programmable menu enables user’s own environment set. 


[ Specification ]  

Mounting Wall mounting
Connecting to detector Multi-point type(max connectable detectors - 4 units)/4 circuits
Input power AC 230V/60Hz
Input signal 4-20㎃ DC/F.S
Output power DC 24V(250㎃)
Output signal 4-20㎃ DC/F.S
Density indication LCD Display - PPM, %LEL, or % set by user
Alarm Indication Low alarm – ‘LOW’ LED (red)
High alarm – ‘HIGH’ LED (red)
Trouble alarm – ‘FAULT’ LED (yellow)
Alarm method Optical – LED blinking
Sonic – Buzz sound (higher than 80㏈)
Set alarm value HIGH/LOW 2 step alarm set by user
Alarm delay time 0~99 seconds set by user
Alarm release Manual or automatic release
Alarm output 2 step (HIGH/LOW) alarm relay contact
Operation temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Operation humidity 5 ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
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