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Product Name Japanese Electrode
Series Electrode
Product Description

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1. For the connecting and repairing cast iron (pure nickel core wire), 99% Ni content

2. As a nickel core wire is used and special flux is covered, it can be used in low current compared to other products.

3. The deposited metal has less tendency of becoming ferrous from reduced carbon of the welding zone, and has the least hydrogen among cast iron electrodes.

4. It has good workability, machinability and mechanical property.



Used for repairing and connecting various cast iron products and welding areas exposed to water pressure

Specifications and Dimensions

Product Code Model Dimensions(Φ) Quantity per kg IN/OUT(kg)
704-0016 DM-100 2.6 Approx. 132 2/20
704-0025 3.2 Approx. 72
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