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Product Name Tungsten Electrode
Series Electrode
Product Description

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1. Heavy metal of high melting point of 3,400℃ with the element symbol of tungsten W, the atomic number of 74, atomic weight of 183.92, and proportion of 19.24

2. WT20-thorium type



Color: Red – 2% Thorium, used as an electrode during argon (SUS, STEEL) welding 

Specifications and Dimensions

Type/Model Symbol Substance Color
Pure tungsten YWP W Rust
1% Tritungsten YWTh-1 W+1% Tho₂ Yellow (general)
2% Tritungsten YWTh-2 W+2% Tho₂ Red (general)
2% tungsten oxide YWLa-2 W+2% La₂O₂ Yellowish green (automatic)
1% cerium oxide tungsten YWCe-1 W+1% Ce₂O₂ Light green
2% cerium oxide tungsten YECe-2 W+2% Ce₂O₃ Gray (AL)
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