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Product Name Gauging Rod
Series Electrode
Product Description

Specifications and Dimensions

Main usage Used for back chipping of the welding zone, removal of defect in a mixture of slag and incomplete penetration, improvement processing of cast iron repairing welding, removal of hardened area of worn hardened overlay, cutting and perforating other steel plates
Properties In a similar form of the covered arc electrode, it can be used with a DC welder and an AC welder. It can perform gouging as well as cutting and perforating, and cleanly process without requiring finishing of the processed surface even without a special technique, an auxiliary facility and gas tanks.
Work procedure

1. For gouging, maintain the angle between the steel plate and the gouging electrode to about 10° and contact the lower part of the protective container with the bottom of gouging and make forward and backward movements to create grooves by melting base metal from arc.

2. When perforating, hold the electrode upright and insert into the plate in up and down movement.

3. If the electrode absorbed moisture, dry for 30-60 minutes at 70~100℃ as the arc may break.

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