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Product Name Argon Electrode (316 Stainless Steel)
Series Electrode
Product Description

Argon Electrode (316 Stainless Steel)

Manufacturer: ChosunWelding

Country of Origin: Korea

More information

Same purpose as the stainless steel arc electrode

Specifications and Dimensions

Main usage

Welding of 18%Cr-12%Ni-2%Mo(STS 316) steel


1. This stainless steel TIG welding material is used on 18%Cr-12%Ni-Mo stainless steel (STS 316).

2. As deposited metal has appropriate amount of ferrite, it has superior crack resistance.

3. It has extremely superior corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

4. It has good workability and beautiful bead appearance. 

Work procedure

1. Use direct current for power, and generally use positive power (DC-) for polarity.

2. To prevent corrosion of the tungsten electrode and obtain good welding quality, use Ar of high purity for the shielding gas.

3. Generally, the projection of the tungsten electrode is 4-6 mm from the tip of the torch.

4. Arc length should be approximately 1-3 mm. 

Shielding gas Ar
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