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Product Name MIG Electrode (Stainless Steel)
Series Electrode
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Gana Connect MIG Electrode (Stainless Steel)

Specifications and Dimensions

Main usage Welding of 18% Cr – 8% Ni(STS 304) steel

1. It is a TIG welding material for stainless steels used on 18% Cr – 8% Ni stainless steel (STS 308).

2. As deposited metal has a proper amount of ferrite, it has superior crack resistance.

3. It has good corrosion resistance and extremely superior intergranular corrosion resistance.

4. It has superior workability and beautiful bead appearance. 

Work procedure

1. If a plate is thick and has high resistance, preheat at 100~150℃.

2. In principle, use 20 L/min of CO2 flow.

3. If wind speed is approximately 2 m/s, use 25-30 L/min of flow. Also, in wind speed higher than this, use a welding screen.

4. Maintain the distance from the tip to the base metal in 10-20 mm and 20-25 mm if the welding current is below 300A and over 300A respectively. 

Shielding gas 98%Ar+2%O2
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