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Product Name CO2 Electrode (Flux)
Series Electrode
Product Description

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Gana Connect CO2 Electrode (Flux)

Specifications and Dimensions

Main usage

Butt welding on the high strength steel structure of 490 N/mm2 (50kgf/mm2), and soft steel in shipbuilding, bridges, construction, steel frames, machines, vehicles and can manufacturing, and welding of fillet in all postures.


1. This is a flux cord wire for CO2 shielding gas arc welding capable of welding in all postures.

2. With the titania type flux, the arc is smooth and stable, there is less spattering compared to the solid wire, has a good slag peeling property and the welding workability is superior with a good bead appearance.

3. As it has fast depositing speed and is capable of downward, horizontal fillet and vertical-up welding, it is very efficient.

4. If 80% Ar – 20% CO2 gas is used, less spatter is generated, arc is much stable and good bead appearance can be obtained. 

Work procedure

1. The proper gas flow is 15-25 L/min.

2. If wind speed is over 2 m/s, to prevent blow holes (pores) from forming, install a welding curtain before welding.

3. Maintain 15-25 mm distance of between the base metal to and the tip.

4. For the good mechanical property and crack resistance of the welding zone, weld at low heat input. 

Shielding gas 100%CO2
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