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Product Name CO2 Electrode (Solid)
Series Electrode
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Gana Connect CO2 Electrode (Solid)

Specifications and Dimensions

Main usage Butt welding on various structures such as vehicles, cars, electronic devices, shipbuilding, steel frame and bridge, and welding in all postures on fillets

1. MC-50T is a solid wire that has good stability of arc even in short-arc, has less spattering and can be welded in all postures.

2. When welding with mixed gas of Ar-CO2, it has good stability of arc in wide spectrum of current for less spattering and beautiful bead.

3. As it has good flow of deposited metal, it is suitable for high speed welding.

Work procedure

1. In principle, use 20 L/min of CO2 flow.

2. If the wind speed is approximately 2 m/s, keep the flow between 25-30 L/min. Also, strong wind, use a welding screen.

3. Maintain 10-20 mm and 20-25 mm of distance between the tip and the base metal in welding current below 300A and over 300A respectively. 

Shielding gas 100%CO2
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