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Product Name S-308 (Stainless Steel Electrode)
Series Electrode
Product Description

S-308 (Stainless Steel Electrode)

Manufacturer: Gana Connect Co., ltd.

Country of Origin: Korea

PurposeAWS : E308-16

Specifications and Dimensions

Main usage

Build-up welding on areas requiring corrosion resistance such as welding AISI (SUS) 304 stainless steel, shaft, various valves and chemical machines

Properties As the lime titania type possessing good work ability, the deposited metals are the austenite structure containing suitable amount of ferrite and good for crack resistance.
Work procedure

1. Maintain short arc length and weld at low current if possible.

2. Use electrode width within 2.5 times the diameter of the electrode.

3. If the electrode absorbed moisture, dry for 60-90 minutes at 250~300℃.

4. There is no need to preheat base metal.

Shielding gas -
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